O.K, I was watching the ‘The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya’ movie for the millionth time, and I noticed something – I want to point it out here, in case anyone else noticed.

In the last episode of the second season of Haruhi, Koizumi lets on to Kyon that he thinks Miss Asahina’s sweet, cute, and vulnerable Moe personality might just be an act, to seduce Kyon and make Haruhi want her as a Moe character.

I was thinking about that, when I realized that that was proved WRONG in the Disappearance of Haruhi movie. (SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT SEEN THE END OF THE MOVIE) In the movie, as you all know, Nagato turned the world they were in into a world where The Brigade members were normal (actually, you aren’t told in the movie if Haruhi still has her powers, but whatever – everyone else was normal, for sure), and Haruhi had never even gone to their school.

If Miss Asahina only acted the way she did for Kyon and Haruhi, then, since, in this new world, Haruhi and Kyon meant nothing to her, she wouldn’t have to act; so, if it was all an act, her personality in the movie would have been different.

Sure, she did work up the courage to punch Kyon, but I think she probably would have been capable of that even in the world with the Brigade. At least, she would have been before Haruhi started traumatizing her..

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